Specialised Investment Fund (“SIF”)

This fund is a regulated Luxembourg-branded  investment fund vehicle for international, institutional and qualified investors. It has a great flexibility with regard to the investment policy, broadening of the sphere of investors and a more relaxed regulatory regime.


The SIF is reserved for “well-informed” investors requiring a limited level of protection and looking for maximum flexibility in order to give scope to their expertise and their specific needs.


Investments are allowable in any type of assets, in Luxembourg or abroad: Bonds, shares, structured products, derivatives, hedge fund strategies, Real estate, Private equity, Distressed, Currencies and metals, art work and collectible items, etc, but it is not possible to invest more than 30% of its assets into one same project.


SIF have few constraints in terms of publication, but managers have to set up an effective system to monitor, measure and manage portfolio investment risk. They also need to be structured such as to avoid the risk of conflicts of interest between the fund and its investors.


Information on assets, legal form, authorisation and supervision and taxation are detailed on our Creatrust website: https://www.creatrust.com/fund-promoters/specialised-investment-fund-sif

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