Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (“AIFMd”)

All alternative investment managers fall under the new AIFMd, Alternative Investment Fund Management directive.

This regulatory framework provides more transparency and more supervision to Alternative Investment Fund Manager’s market, who need to comply with a set of rules in order to continue to offer their solutions/services to their clients (Alternative Investment Funds).

The main targets of the directive are the hedge fund and private equity fund managers: every fund manager wishes to offer investment solutions to EU-based clients such as banks, pension funds, corporate treasury, family offices and qualified high net worth investors will need to consider this directive.

While introducing such a set of rules, the AIFMd has provided for an exemption for AIFM who manages:

  • AIF under 100 000 000 Eur AUM (including leverages)
  • AIF under 500 000 000 Eur AUM (close ended fund, with no leverage and a lock up for investors of 5 years – which still allows the AIFM to redeem shares, capital and pay distribution at any time)

More information on how will AIFMd impact your business on our Creatrust website:

Ad-hoc securitisation undertakings are excluded of the definition of Alternative Investment Fund under the AIFMd. These undertakings are not regulated and do not need to comply with AIFMd.